Les Terrasses

The nearest the Tour de l’Esquillion, is a walk down the hill.
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And is on the coast road where you first turned right to drive up the hill. It has wonderful views across to Cannes. But maybe a little pricey.

Turning right and going west down the hill to Miramar bay you will find the Patio restaurant / bar
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(A lot cheaper and less formal, you could also a walk down through the valley to this restaurant).

Further down the hill is the Miramar Beach Hotel.
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This is a Spa Hotel (if you fancy a pampering) with a gourmet restaurant and a further conservatory restaurant overlooking the sea.

Further down is the bay and the Marina
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where there are more restaurants like La Marine right in the marina (great for when there are firework displays).

Theoule has some great restaurants:

The Marco Polo
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Right on the beach, where on warm, moonlit summer evenings you can eat out on a narrow pier above the sea (see on the left in picture above).

There are few, great really reasonable restaurants up the High St and in the square.

La Napoule which is just beyond Theoule, has a lot of great restaurants, Le Sweet on the beach, O’Sullivans is a bar on the front opposite the Marina where you can watch the football on a big screen.

La Pomme d’or and La Napoline, anyway that’s enough to be going on with, you will find your own and probably better, let us know.

By the way you can order fresh baguettes, bread and croissants at the Les Terrasses de Saint Honorat of an evening, and they will be ready for you to pick up in the morning. Les Terraces de Saint Honorat is on the corner as you turn into our road. Maeva hotel opposite, across the valley also has this facility, or you could go there for breakfast.

Have fun!

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